marie ARNAUD
je suis une soeur.
Aikya Verburgh
je suis une soeur.
Heather Janssen
One Great Spirit of Oneness
Christine Noble Seller
One Great Spirit of Oneness
Prana Sati
NOW is the time of humanities great re-awakening!
Gwen Falcon
NOW is the time of humanities great re-awakening!
Jay Naidoo
The way forward is to understand where we come from. To retrace our steps so that we can restore the balance and harmony with all that exists in Mother Earth and the Cosmos.??
Lucie Page
It's the answer.
Brianne Summers
This time has come for Earth and empowered peoples of the Earth to heal and protect the future. This movement is a direct reflection of how to live in a good way with this world and ourselves, to repair and unite. How to help us all rise together and protect the sacred. I support this cause and those beings channeling this cause. Thank you.
Lauren Raulstone
I am because you are.
McCayne Miller
I believe in the prophecy
Peter Melchizedek
I am signing this Petition because I Support this Movement! Peter Melchizedek