Worldwide Indigenous People's Governance Charter

7 minute live introduction to the CHARTER

The Worldwide Indigenous Peoples Governance CHARTER was first announced on World Peace and Prayer Day 20 June 2020 at the commence of World Harmony Week, 2020.

Originating as a blessing from the StarLion ancestors from the White Lion Heartlands, the CHARTER was opened in prayer by Indigenous representatives from all four directions, with Grandmother Mona Polacca of the 13 Grandmothers, and Kuuyux of Alaska’s first nation Unangan (Aleut) people, bringing together Indigenous wisdom keepers from Africa and the Far East, and witnessed by over 60 000 people.

The CHARTER‘S purpose is to unify all people of true heart behind one Indigeneity, and reignite the primordial flame of hope and courage. 

To commemorate its unified message, ceremonial fires began at sunrise in the White Lion Heartlands, and were lit by indigenous groups around the planet sequentially.

The CHARTER has been translated into 7 languages, spoken into with timeless wisdom in many indigenous voices with one heart, and has been brought to life through the first language of the First Nations of First Nations of Southern Africa, the NuuKi language of the Kumani Khoisan peoples.

Watch the live reading of the Charter on 8th 8th 2020, an important date in the StarLion calendar, when many cross-cultural voices spoke into the CHARTER  unified by one Heart and one purpose in service of our planet.

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